GopherCon 2018 - CGo Performance

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These are some notes from my experiences at the GopherCon 2018. I don’t expect these will be laid out in any particularly useful way; I am mostly taking them so I can remember some of the bits I found most useful in the future.

Calling Go from Pony


  • Wallaroo (go and python)
  • For “big data stuff”
  • Framework for horizontally scaling event stream processing


  • From cockroachdb blog post

  • Calling go -> go is ~2ns

  • Calling go -> C is ~171ns

  • Calling C -> go is ~1-6ms (milli, not micro)

    • WTF?!?!
    • Thread started outside go trying to call into go runtime
    • LOTS of work
  • Try to batch calls