Game Theory Simulation Framework - Python

game theory, python

Formerly, I maintained this game theory simulations framework in python/cython. It can certainly still be used, though I have no intention of providing updates at this time.


Packages can be re-used by either globally installing them or using a virualenv for your project. I recommend the latter way.

To start a new project using one of the packages below, you can follow these steps (replacing “simulations” with the package name):

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
virtualenv --distribute .
virtualenv --relocatable .
pip install git+

Once you have a project set up and want to use it, you can activate your virtualenv by the following command:

source /path/to/myproject/bin/activate

When you want to return to your normal system environment, you can deactivate the virtualenv by entering the following command:


The Technology

This framework was written for python2 and makes use of the python multiprocessing libraries to achieve parallel execution.