couchdb, javascript, node.js, redis

EvoGames was a website intended to provide game statistics tracking for an online gaming community.


When node.js was still rather young (around v0.6), a gaming community I was a part of looked like it might need a replacement system to track members' stats in online games. So, I designed and implemented a system that could accomplish just that.

Unfortunately, the system was never adopted. The site itself was kept running until May 2018 but was taken down after a server upgrade (mostly due to it still running on node.js v0.6 and the upgrade path from there to node.js v10 being a bit difficult).

The Technology

The backend was written using the express framework on node.js v0.6. The frontend was written using the Sammy javascript framework and jQuery. CouchDB was the primary data store, and redis was used as a session store. Connections to the backend were proxied through nginx.